Everyone Loves A Good Hostess With CASE-ing The Catty

You’re a whole lot of lovely, yes you are!
And so is the stamp set that I am using this week for the CASE-ing The Catty Blog Hop!

This week we are featuring our very special Hostess Sets. These exclusive stamp sets are only available for Hostesses to redeem when they do a minimum of $250aud in Party Sales. They then can use their Stampin’ Rewards to redeem one or more of these gorgeous sets. And my favourite of them all… You guessed it. A Whole Lot Of Lovely! The card featured below is the sample card from the Annual Catalogue and the card I chose to CASE for this week’s hop.


I loved the layout of the card and the pop of Watermelon Wonder but the colours used on the card were just not my style, so I mixed them up a bit. Keeping with the gold theme and the accent of Watermelon wonder, I decided to make the rest in a neutral colour palette. I think it turned out, dare I say it, lovely!

Any type of heat embossing on a card, I think, makes it just a little bit more special. Gold heat embossing makes it truly special. I love the way it just shines. It brings a certain aspect to the creation which no other technique can create.

I had a certain someone in mind when I created this card and decided that the inside needed decorating also. I am trying to do this for most of my cards now, but we all now that time is not our friend and sometimes, I really just don’t get the time. Even though I really love how beautiful it looks and how much more inviting it makes it.

I wonder what Julia has created for us this week? I can’t wait to go over and have a look! You should too. I bet it is fabulous. It always is.


Happy stamping,
From your favourite Vintage Graffiti artist,
Emma xo


9 thoughts on “Everyone Loves A Good Hostess With CASE-ing The Catty

  1. Alison Barclay says:

    Gorgeous card! I love your version in these tones and I completely love how you decorated the inside. I’ve started doing this too….and trying to make more of an effort with stamping my envelopes. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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